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What our Customers think...Quick Quotes

It’s so nice to have your services just a phone call away for

any breakdowns in my home

– well worth the small monthly fee! Thank you.

It’s so nice to have a local engineer that knows my boiler

inside and out and can be there whenever

I need them in an emergency.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you

and your team

for the job you recently carried out at our house.

A truly exceptional workman and service.

Glad to have a local engineer I can trust!

I couldn't recommend this company enough!

A pleasure to deal with and they deliver what they promise

with prompt emergency cover when I need it!

Professional, friendly, and just ready to help whenever needed.

Such peace of mind to have you at the end

of the phone in any emergency.

I will recommend you to friends and family as they are

always looking for good, reliable tradespeople!

My experience of your scheme gives me much better service than all the ‘big nationals’

that I was previously covered with and I prefer to have a local engineer on hand.

Excellent service and quality of work.

Knew about all my systems -

plumbing and heating. Highly recommended.

Great local service - very reliable.

Friendly engineers who really knew all about my plumbing

and heating facilities and gave good advice to save me money.

Happy and friendly both on the phone when booking and face to face on the job!

I hardly notice the monthly fee and it’s so worth the peace of mind.

Brilliant prompt service! Thanks for all your hard work.

Highly recommend.

What a relief to find reliable, friendly, highly professional plumbers

who know what they are doing, offer great advice,

clear up after themselves and do consistently what they promise.

“I am a Landlord of a portfolio of 26 properties and since changing from a National PropertyCare Company to Home Heating Scheme, I have been impressed with the quality and the experience of their Engineers and their prompt response times, thus keeping my tenants happy .

I have no hesitation in recommending Home Heating Scheme to others.”

Dr Shah

Hitchin, Herts

“After employing the services of Scottish Power and using their heating scheme and 10 minute boiler service(!), we were actually in a situation where we did need to call them out due to the pressurisation cylinder coming away from the airing cupboard wall.

After a call to Scottish Power we had a sub-contractor turn up and proceed to replace the pressurisation unit but unfortunately it appeared he was either unfamiliar or didn’t have enough time to carry out the work required properly meaning we have been plagued with a lack of water pressure, air in the system and a shock if someone pulls the chain whilst in the shower.

On speaking to you about the issue you said that you knew exactly what the problem was and said no worries I can sort that our for you as there is an inbalance in the system and I can easily rectify this for you.

I received a call from the office and the job was agreed and booked in. The engineer turned up on time and proceeded to rectify the issue and what can I say what a fantastic job we no longer have any of the above issues and calm and tranquillity has been restored to the Billinghurst household.

On completing the work it was a no-brainer to move away from Scottish Power and take out the heating scheme scheme, giving peace of mind that we now have a local company who cares about the work they carry out.

So on that note I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff and engineers at HHS for the work that you carried out on my home heating and hot water system and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family”.

Mr Billlinghurst

Stotfold, Herts

“My wife and I would like to say thank you for the work you and your team have done for us recently.

We have been members of your Home Heating Scheme for three years already, and the knowledge that a trustworthy local company will be monitoring our central heating and ensuring that it came on when we needed it filled us with confidence. We felt it was vital to have this reassurance with a young family, who like all kids seem to pick every germ out there.

Over the last year you have done a few minor jobs to the plumbing in our house, and when the HHS staff suggested that if we upgraded to include all the plumbing at the end of the year it seemed a logical option.

Incredibly no sooner had we agreed to do so then we have had repeated problems with our plumbing, caused by an old cover on the water tank. Incredibly you have sorted these out and not used the old line of “it’s a pre-existing condition and not covered by our maintenance contract”.

This honest and professional service really stands you and your team out from the crowd, and we wanted to say Thank You again! We both would have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends, family or business contacts”.

Mr and Mrs Shaw


“I want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to sorting out my various plumbing problems at both my house and industrial unit, since joining your Home Heating Scheme.

From the time you came and fixed some minor problems, leaking radiator, how to correctly adjust my boiler pressure etc, all complimentary, to the fitting of new radiators and valves and finally the new water heater at my unit, your enthusiasm to make sure everything was working correctly was spot on. Even to reset the pressure on my boiler (something you have already explained to me a number of times and I still didn’t get it!) on the day you were going away on holiday goes that extra length to being way above your average tradesperson.

Everywhere was spotlessly clean after you had finished your work all on time, and your quality of workmanship is all second to none.

I have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to business colleagues, family and friends alike.”

Mr Tew


“I have had face to face dealings with the caring engineers in my home, both of whom I found extremely courteous and willing to help.

I have spoken to the office support staff several times on the telephone, and I have found them polite, helpful and easy to speak to. I have therefore found them a pleasure to deal with.

I therefore decided to take out the Home Heating Scheme on their Deluxe package and feel reassured that a local, trusted company is looking after my whole central heating and plumbing and drains services.”

Mrs Surtess

Lower Stondon, Beds

“As a Home Heating Scheme customer of yours, I’ve been recommending your plumbing and heating services on Streetlife.com for sometime now, and it’s nice to hear some feedback from your customers, so I thought I’d share this recommendation for your services from a grateful reviewer…

A friend recommended the Home Heating Scheme to me also and an engineer came round today to look at my central heating.

First person in over 3 years and more than 5 inspections who seemed to be able to identify the problem instantly and without exaggeration – he also suggested ways I could save money on combining the work alongside other things – very, very impressed by his knowledge and helpfulness”.

I’m therefore very happy to recommend your business to anyone who needs home heating services.

Thank you.”

Mr Earnshaw


“Home Heating Scheme have completed various plumbing jobs for us now and all have been excellent, so nothing could have been improved from my point of view!

We have been so impressed and now feel we have a trusted engineer and are happy we joined the Home Heating Scheme as we had been let down by British Gas when we needed them recently and they failed to deliver and never repaired our boiler.

Brilliant prompt service! Happy and friendly both on the phone when booking and face to face on the job! Thanks for all your hard work!”

Mr and Mrs Martin

Fairfield Park, Stotfold

“I needed to have some repair work done on my boiler and I am pleased to say that I received a fair and honest monthly price for a job well done. First of all, the engineer kept his appointment which, based on my previous experiences with plumbers in the area, I consider an achievement in itself!

He then explained every step of the work that he was going to do, giving me options throughout. The engineer was very personable and friendly and I would certainly recommend them to my own friends.”

Mrs May


“Your plumbing services came highly recommended to me – and I know why.

When the engineer arrived he not only carried out the work in our bathroom and en suite in a super efficient way, but was really polite and pleasant. He got straight down to work and did a great job with the minimum of fuss.

Both the high quality of work that your team carried out and the great customer service mean that I have no hesitation at all in recommending you highly to my family, friends and clients.

Thank you.”

Mrs Dennis

Letchworth, Herts

“When I referred my elderly mother in law to you I did so in the hope and belief that you would look after her in a way that British Gas had spectacularly failed to do.

She was told by British Gas that she needed her central heating system flushed through and they wanted to charge her an astronomical sum for the privilege. She was therefore delighted when you called and agreed to do the job and take her on your scheme, for much less and even more delighted with the professional and caring approach that you adopted towards the job.

She now has a central heating system that not only works efficiently but she has saved herself a significant sum of money as well and in the knowledge that you will be looking after the care of her boiler going forward.

I am therefore more than happy to recognise this in others and would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends, family or business contacts.”

Mr Penhall

Baldock, Herts

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