Garry (aka The Boss) originally set up the business as a humble Sole Trader and it soon expanded by ‘word of mouth’ into a Limited company employing staff and embracing new technologies.

Garry is multi-skilled, hard working and extremely knowledgeable in the trade and can turn his hand to most plumbing and heating matters and he always loves a challenge! He is a 24/7 type of man – working long hours and up at the crack of dawn (poor Dawn!)

Garry is dedicated to the business and has always had a vision of growth and expansion. But his dedication stretches further when it comes to customers – going ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to ensure each customer, no matter how small the job, have an outstanding customer experience.

If Garry could choose any Super Power, he would choose to be a SHAPE SHIFTER so that he could experience what it feels like to be someone or something else (or for real escapism he could just watch Eastenders!)

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