Terms & Conditions



If you wish to claim a discount/special offer and have received one of our adverts/flyers/coupons with a special offer or discount – you will need to adhere to the following Terms and Conditions to qualify.

1. You are required to mention any discount/offer on the first day when booking your appointment to submit your claim.

2. To claim you need to telephone the office on 08005 999120 when you book your quote/job or inform the engineer/plumber when he/she visits your home on the first occasion (usually to carry out a quote).

3. Discount can only be applied to services supplied by us, not parts or third parties.

4. You will need to provide a copy of the original advert/flyer/coupon or quote the offer ref as stated on the advert.

5. You will need to ensure the offer is still valid and can check the advert for validation dates.

6. Your offer/discount will be verified by us and added to your customer profile on our database and will state this on your Job Sheet and/or Invoice.

7. Your discount will be deducted from your final balance (not your deposit) and will be shown on your invoice.

Failure to do the above will mean we cannot oblige to any discount or offer. For further clarification, please call us on 08005 999120.

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