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Meet the Super Heroes!

The team of engineers and plumbers are experienced, qualified and industry accredited and will assist with all your plumbing, heating and general property maintenance needs.



Managing Director.

Garry (aka The Boss) originally set up the business as a humble Sole Trader and it soon expanded by ‘word of mouth’ into a Limited company employing staff and embracing new technologies.

Garry is multi-skilled, hard working and extremely knowledgeable in the trade and can turn his hand to most plumbing and heating matters and he always loves a challenge! He is a 24/7 type of man – working long hours and up at the crack of dawn (poor Dawn!)

Garry is dedicated to the business and has always had a vision of growth and expansion. But his dedication stretches further when it comes to customers – going ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to ensure each customer, no matter how small the job, have an outstanding customer experience.

If Garry could choose any Super Power, he would choose to be a SHIFT SHAPER so that he could experience what it feels like to be someone else for a day you may ask who he would want to be!



Sales and Marketing Director.

Lynn (aka The Real Boss!)  joined the company in 2013 to promote the company and is responsible for business development and marketing.
Her background in marketing and sales allows her to use her experience to attract new business by conducting thorough market research to advertise the USP of the business.

If Lynn could choose any Super Power, it would be the power of SPEED so she could get all her jobs done quickly and have time to cook dinner for the kids without burning it… again!


Heating Engineer.

Oliver (aka Oli) has been with the company for a few years and is a dedicated and familiar face to customers with heating and boiler issues and, in particular, to members of the Home Heating Scheme.

Oli has a natural ability to work within a problematic industry which requires not only physical hard work but a clear thinking process to resolve issues when working with various leaks, pipework and heating systems.

Oli enjoys playing golf in his spare time and is a fan of the Paul Young song ‘wherever I lay my hat!” (Ask for clarification!)

If Oliver could choose any Super Power, it would be the power of X-RAY VISION so he could see through walls and floors to help him at work when tracing leaks! It could also come in handy for other reasons!!


Membership Coordinator

Michelle (aka Suggs biggest fan!) is based in the office and helps to keep things running along smoothly and organised – ensuring engineers are where they should be.

Michelle is dedicated to the Home Heating Scheme members and will keep them updated on boiler service renewal dates, membership packs, emergency breakdowns and much more.

Michelle is always at the end of the phone to help with any booking queries, issues or for a nice little chat!

If Michelle could choose any Super Power, it would be the power to be able to FLY so she could travel anywhere in the world and not have to get on an aeroplane and also avoid all the traffic jams!





Andy – AKA (smile-a-lot-not!)

Andy is extremely dedicated and methodical in his work and is a ‘perfectionist’ – which always results in skilled plumbing, tiling and bathroom fitting – much to customers delight.

Andy is a keen fitness fanatic and loves working out at the gym – so make sure he doesn’t reach for those biscuits when he is next on your job!

Andy would like the power of Telekinesis so when he is stuck under a bath fixing the taps, he can get a tool he needs without having to wriggle out!



Trainee Plumber.

Gillian (aka Gilly) has joined the company after years as a customer and a long term member of the Home Heating Scheme.

Gillian’s former career was as a Science Teacher but she decided to give it all up and re-train in plumbing (something she has always wanted to do). She is keen to learn, very capable and can do any task just as good as a man!

The company are delighted to have Gillian on board and proud to promote females working in the trade industry.

If Gillian could choose any Super Power, it would be the power to SPEAK AND LEARN ANY LANGUAGE so she could communicate with anyone at any time. This would also be helpful because as a ‘Scot’ she is often not understood!


Accounts Manager

All the accounts are automated and run from our accounts package and management software system so this streamlines all the jobs and customers receive Job Sheets upon job completion, following by an invoice/receipt.

Jackie likes to keep things simple in the office and has a way with numbers!

Jackie – aka Gruntie (Great Auntie!) Her super power would like to be Flexi–girl so she can reach everything from her desk without having to keep getting up! And also so she could stretch and know what it feels like to be tall!


Apprentice Plumber

Kai (aka Kasier) joined the company in 2015 following a job at another plumbing company to continue his practical plumbing skills and he attends Bedford College one day per week to complete his NVQ Level 2 training.

Kai is very much ‘learning on the job’ and has excelled in his approach of the high standard of work expected but he has also learned how to converse well with customers in their own homes to enhance the customer service experience.

He may be the ‘baby’ of the bunch, but he towers above everyone else! Kai would love to flourish into a fully qualified heating engineer and is a very capable member of the team.

If Kai could choose any Super Power, it would be the power of Telepathy so he could read the minds of customers and other engineers so he would know if he was doing a good job or not.



William (aka that bloody dog!) runs the security for the company, ensuring no ‘waifs and strays’ wonder into the office.

William is loveable, mischievous and loyal. He can often be found rummaging around bins and rubbish – which is his favourite past time.

If William could choose any Super Power, it would be the power of BRAVERY as he is very scared of cats!

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