If you have any further queries - please call us on 01462 834424

Is there a joining fee and is it a one off fee?
The joining fee is just £25.00 and this is a one off fee payable at the time of joining.

What date can I set this up?
You can opt to pay on the 1st or the 15th of any month and your cover will start immediately upon receipt of your signed agreement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, providing there are no pre existing conditions or faults on your boiler.

What are the monthly payment options?
You can pay monthly using Go Cardless Direct Debit, which is a bank trusted method and you submit your own bank details on line in a secure way, ensuring no one has access to your bank account details. The link to set this up is available on the website – click here for Go Cardless. If in doubt – speak to your bank about Go Cardless.

How do I know if my central heating needs a flush and will you still take me on the scheme?
Signs that your system needs a flush could be radiators that are not as hot as they used to be or appear to have cold spots/areas. Also noisy radiators are another indication.
Having a system flush will eradicate any sludge in your system, which could cause irreparable damage to your boiler and increase your fuel bills as your boiler has to work much harder to work through the sludge and pump around your system.
Once you have had a flush – we would be happy to cover your boiler on the scheme.

What if my boiler needs a part?
Parts will be charged at £99.00 only, which is the excess charge. You will not be charged more than this, even if the part costs more than £99.00. Payment will be taken at the time of fitting by cash, cheque or Go Cardless Direct Debit.

What is the minimum term for the scheme and how do I cancel?
The minimum term for the scheme is one year. This is because your annual boiler service will be serviced in month one of joining and therefore your monthly payments will cover you for any emergency breakdowns for the remainder of the year. You can cancel after one year, providing we have one months notice in writing. Please check the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Can I upgrade my scheme mid way through the annual term?
Yes, providing there are no pre existing faults on your system and you submit a request before your next monthly premium is due.

What is included when I have the free boiler service?
We conduct a very thorough boiler service, but other companies vary in their work. We carry out a Flue Gas Analysis, which measures harmful gases, such as Carbon Monoxide. We also do a Let By Test and we clean the burner and heat exchanger. Then we check the meter operating pressure, gas rates and pipework and inspect the boiler seals.
Our boiler service can take up to an hour as we ensure a thorough job is done and our ethos is ‘prevention’ is better than ‘cure’.

I am going abroad and staying in a villa and I am very worried about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning – what can I do to ensure my family are safe?
Firstly ensure the travel company are ABTA and ABTOL accredited and ask about the service record of the boiler. Secondly – pack a carbon monoxide alarm in your luggage – it’s small and discreet and works off a battery so you can sleep soundly and safely at night.

If I have a new boiler that is under warranty, do I still need an annual service?
It is essential to have an annual boiler service, even on new boilers, because it maintains your warranty. Each service is documented on the Benchmark and registered with Gas Safe. Without this your boiler warranty would become invalid.
Note: it is a legal requirement for Landlords to carry out a Gas Certificate.

The pressure on my boiler keeps dropping – do I need to book an engineer?
This may not be an indication of a fault but it could simply mean that your radiators require bleeding. Check all radiators first and bleed them.Next – check the pressure of the boiler by topping up the system. Some boilers have a ‘filling loop’.

If you are unsure of this procedure – give us a call on 01462 834424

For further clarification of your cover – please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

For further information please call 01462 834424 - or join the Home Heating Scheme today...


Home Heating Scheme would like to reassure all our customers at this challenging time that we still operating and are doing everything that we can in this time of disruption to ensure your safety when we interact with you or enter your homes and premises. As with everyone else we are monitoring events and changing government instructions on a daily basis, but we remain open and fully functional. We are maintaining exceptionally strict hygiene standards and follow recommended distancing protocols. These precautions include washing hands regularly, using hand sanitisers and encouraging our customers and suppliers to do the same. We would also encourage keeping a 2 metre distance from customers and will therefore not be shaking hands, as advised by the Government. As long as we can continue to work and get all parts and tools necessary from our suppliers and the government says we can work - we will. We will continue to monitor the Governments instructions and things may change on a day-to-day basis. We would suggest contacting us for emergencies and breakdowns only and if your boiler is not due a service at this time, we recommend booking this at a later date, to minimise any risks.

We will ride out this storm and still be here. We are very dedicated and skilled and we rely on you, our customers, and we look forward to serving you in any way we can to continue our service to you with as little disruption to your home heating services as possible. Please make us aware before we visit your home, if you or any members of your family are showing symptoms of the virus, so we can assess the situation and reschedule appointments.

Our telephone number to contact us direct is 01462 834424 and our contact email address is info@homeheatingscheme.co.uk. You can also book directly via our website - Make a booking

Keep safe and well! Garry and team.

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